Saturday, 29 November, 2008

Break the Cycle...

Yes, I know you are am I, from the past 12-13 hours or the holocaust at Mumbai i have been hearing people swearing @ the politicians, calling them names, blaming them for all that has happened...I agree with you all my friends, but the very fact that you cannot straighten out a dogs curvy tail is analogous and ambiguous to our politicians behaviour... look at our politicians like Mr. R.R. Patil...making such a pathetic and a unforgiveable statement saying "Such small incidents are bound to happen in big cities such as this"...a straight pull off from a bolly wood movie eh Mr Patil ?... I pray you are never to loose something valueable in such a small incident ever in the future...!

Ok...Im done with now...I can go on about this rage and fire burning inside of me... [a piece of my mind]...but deep inside theres a sane voice that sqeaks in and tells me...this wont help...every time i counteract telling it...look...I need a vent to let it all out...I guess thats what each one of us is doing ? arent we ? just let it out !

Now its time to pay heed to this inner sane voice of mine...look, lets get this straight my and I are not going to be in this hot state of boiling water any more than when it all turns to steam...times now come to sit and think about "What can we do now ?"...lets leave out our fellow politicians out of this quest...they are far more smart and efficient than us...they are surely bound to come up with something concrete after a decade and a half of thinking [Comfortably Numb]... but you and I have an intellect level enough to understand that we cannot die by a butchers knife any more !

Ok...Guys ready to get your pistol and riffle licences ? what was that I heard you say....? not as sane as i can get...but probably many of us would get one for our selves...but thats not what one would call a preventive solution...its a mere cure...its time we did something that would break the cycle.... a vicious cycle of "Death/Terror" >> "Remorse/ resolution" >> "Silence/Resilience" >> "Forget and Farewell".
That's what every invention and every discovery has ultimately lead to hasn't it...? they've all thought a way to Break the cycle...and evolved in much as you would hate me saying this... i dare say this...but these terrorists actually did break the cycle this time around didn't they ? bombs...bombs...bombs...assault.... there you go...!
So what can we do...? im not really a smart guy...nor am i a man with supreme intelligence (that's what these IAS and Politicians are supposed to be ?)...but smart enough to know that no Political party existing today can help Laalu...It has to be some one else...So what can i and you do about it ?
Every year we go out and a party we hope would work things out for us...but now it so happens to be that these holocausts occurred at every major party's rulings...! now whom will you vote for ?...I have news for you... Vote for "Section 49-O" whats that ??? ok so you are as new as I was a day ago... [this is what it is], what...? you are not a registered voter... ? ok its never later than now [Register yourself here] just go ahead and vote...
This is when you can make your vote count...every vote you make will add to a crack to this silence...for too long have we been sitting in the darkness...for too long have we been silent...if you feel this rage, if you respect the cause of those who died...if you feel you are at this very moment living a life in debt to the death of our martyrs... this is the least you can do... Break the cycle...

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