Monday, 15 August, 2011

On a day like today...

It's been a year since I last expressed the voices inside my head on this blog, and it happens to be the exact same day, a day like today, on which I last published an article on my blog.

So, India celebrates it's 64th Independent year, well... Independent enough to depend on FII's making it's market fall or rise to it's will, Independently scamming every possible sector of what exists of "the political & industrial empire", Independently choosing it's very dependable politicians, and of course, Independently allocating monetary benefits to those prey to "unavoidable security breaches".

Enough of sarcasm did you say ? things ain't as bad as I say they are ? well then, I've been saying the same things and listening to the same music year after year, I believed there could be a change, bought my self patience and chicken soup for the soul by being a part of "we the people" anthem, exercise your vote, choose wisely, pay taxes & the list goes on.

Every time News is created in India, you would either turn a hot head or just give a damn about what and why it happens, and then there is a Rational thinkers league, where you would try and behave, think like a responsible citizen, who takes his nations situation, it's problems into his stride, and end up with a conclusion that it is "we the people" who need to and will change if anything at all in the state of affairs of this country.

To be honest, I have been through all these phases and stages, I have believed in this country, it's people, it's constitution, it's varied heritage, it's culture, and have promised my self to abide by what they represent as one of it's own responsible citizen, yet.... everyday...everyday I wake up to a new wound, to lick up to & heal.

To all analogies or theories I could apply to the current state of affairs, I come to a few basic conclusions.

Check chain mate: every situation, every problem owes to one root, every problem is a derived issue, kill the king to win the game, all else shall have nothing to stand for.

Darwin's theory of evolution: If there's anything that would change the state of affairs in this country, it's not going to be a "Hunger Strike" nor a fancy "Jan Lok pal" bill, it's going to be "Evolution", by definition "Evolution occurs when there is variation of inherited traits within a population over time."

Our present leaders and more or so the generation representing us and our parents as well, together a generation of 3, represent evolution no animal species over time has seen, in the way we have changed our standard of living, our thinking, our levels of tolerances, patience etc, the times that this generation of humans in our country has seen has been very brutal, full of poverty, loss of life, food and peace of mind.

Through out this time since Independence, these generations have seen cold blood & violence over power, food and last but never has been the least MONEY.

When I hear a politician scamming more than 2 crores or anyone for that matter, I truly wonder what he/she is gonna do with that huge sum, I mean... give me 2 crores, and I would relax, sit back, go on a world tour, invest a little for future and open up a small start up, but then think of this, their generation has never seen days with so much money and luxury, those eyes have never seen that kind of money, money has left a scar on their minds, all they want to do now, is make up for the loses in the years they couldn't, feel better about it, and have a sense of "whose your daddy now ?", hence the mindless collection of wealth and of course their fruit bearing trees the "corruption scams".

On the contrary, today's generation has a higher "Happy state of mind" rate than what the 2 generations before did, Biological evolution needed mutation of genes, in this case, education did the trick to help every generation evolve to a better state than what was before, which resulted in a better economy, more opportunity, a little more financial independence.

The probability of a well off upper middle class citizen like me doing a scam of 25 crore is far less as compared to a mentally scarred & money forsaken generation of my father's or my grandfathers age, simply owing to a better sense of "Contentment, happiness & satisfaction".

The probability of my friend using his SC/ST certificate to get his son a benefit, is less compared to his father using the same to get a similar or different privilege.

what I'm trying to say here is..."Evolution of a new generation & death of the mentally ill past life" is what will ever make India a better country tomorrow, so sit back, wait for one more generation and see India turn a better country for tomorrow.

Evolution is slow, but steady,but all the more "Permanent", so till then, stay together, stay safe, live your life, educate your young and nurture the coming generation, that to me is THE only key to a better India, a better future.

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