Tuesday, 23 February, 2010


At times I get frustrated with my self, for having given some one or something more importance than it really might deserve, the human heart is what tends to expect and mold a response into what it likes and expects, the expected outcome of which all the more seems luring to the heart, and black finally gives way to blue, with me it's been someone more often than something, and it's not really the first time, and the fact I don't learn from my mishaps and mistakes is what ultimately frustrates me, when I sit back and think is when it agitates me the most, looking back at all things I do out of my way, out of my mind, but all within my will, I think... was it really required to make that call ? was the last line really required ? was the attention really needed ? Is it all worth it ?

It at times unveils a fear, the fear of losing my identity, my integrity, of what I am, is this just me or does this happen with most if not all ?

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Anonymous said...

It happens with me as well... giving undue importance sometimes disturbs me.

you write well ya..I like to read your blogs.