Monday, 29 March, 2010

Tokyo Diaries

Landed at the Narita Airport, Tokyo Std time said 18:05, walked all the way through immigration & customs, the first word I dared to utter, "Arigato !", not sure of how to pronounce it, somehow turned responsive and got smiles from the customs officers, well looks like it worked, Narita International airport, though out of the main Tokyo city has nothing less to make it look like a part of the main city bustle, took a limousine Bus ticket, the cute girl at the counter said, two fausand (thousand) yenna, and i was startled for a while, and reminded myself, divide by 10, sounds better, feels better, now PAY ! an hours journey and I was at T-CAT, a cab awaited, an old man got out from a sleek looking toyota, gozaimas konbangwa ! and started taking my luggage in to his cab, to my surprise the cab was huge, the ma opened the door for me, and moved his hand as to push me in with a big smile. 5 Mins and I arrived at B-Site NihombashiNingyocho, got out, was freezing cold, took out my accomodation invite and started reading through, said " go inside, and look on right side, find a locker, look for letter H, match code 5076 top to bottom, that moment i swear i felt like James Bond, or may be Tom cruise on a mission impossible with self destructing key boxes... next moment "Drat !" the damn thing wont open, and there goes my key, no reception, no one around, no phone booth, and most importantly "No English speaking people around !"...what next ??? stay tuned to know more ;)

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Girish said...

looks like going through a Agatha Cristy novel with known character. You narrate well. You looked more like roadies on treasure hunt then trying to get to your bed.