Sunday, 11 July, 2010

Eye 2 Eye - Try the eyePhone !

It's been about 8 months or so, and Ive been Hooked on to photography like a teenager on drugs, Ive been off it for may be a month now, and as hard it may seem to believe I stopped it as soon as I bought my dream canon D-SLR, "why ?" you say , am clue less, just like one of those things you keep wanting to have and crave for, but once you own or possess it you don't seem to want it just as much you did before ! although for me, am still getting used to carrying it around, and I feel like an armed Green Beret looking to shoot some one down with it :P

But all this while when I was not seriously snapping up points in time, instinctively I would take small snaps and clicks, and capture things which literally caught my eye, simplest of things as they seem, I some how had a different perception of them.

I really love the point and shooters cause they are just so handy, its literally all about Pointing and snap ! in this case though it was the worst ever possible Point and shoot I took the pics with.

Hold your breath, a One Mega Pixel, Samsung Phone ! LOL ! yeah and you thought the iPhone was the worst... but some how of all the photography Ive done, I for all enjoyed these the most, I for one have learnt the truth about composition in a picture, the composition of a frame, picture is what makes up 70 % of the ingredient to a marvelous "wow !" pic, the rest can concentrate on details and clarity of it.

So am here in an attempt to burst your bubble of "Oh I need a D-SLR to make a good Pic !" and I hope am able to convince you with it, so here's a link to the pictures I made with my...errr what should I call this one, ah ! of course the eyePhone ! :)

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